Monika Mahto Research Manager, Centre for Integrated Research, Deloitte India Pvt. Ltd. Monika is a research manager with Deloitte Services India Pvt. Ltd and a member of the Center for Integrated Research.
Over the last ten years, Monika has been involved in various research assignments focused on strategic implications of advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing (3D Printing), Internet of things (IoT), and Industry 4.0.
Monika’s work is cited in research journals, academic curricula, as well as leading media publications. She worked as the Teaching Assistant and developed content for Deloitte’s first massive open online course (MOOC) on additive manufacturing delivered via Deloitte University Press. Before joining CIR, Monika worked as part of the Center for C&IP, wherein she led research engagements for Deloitte's key clients focusing on macro-economic drivers, industry trends, new business opportunities, and M&A scenarios.
Monika has developed several original quantitative and qualitative frameworks by using various research methodologies such as consumer surveys, interviews, focus group discussions, etc.
Monika completed her Masters in Business Administration degree in Finance from Birla Institute of Management Technology, Delhi, and earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Bhopal University.
3D opportunity for business capabilities: Additive manufacturing transforms the organisation
As additive manufacturing (AM) becomes prevalent, organizations looking for more AM value opportunities must go beyond installing machinery to developing enabling capabilities such as talent, quality assurance, and organization redesign. Here we share stories of companies that have found such value. The presentation includes discussing about six core building blocks to unlock AM value, in order to present AM as a viable business alternative and capture its full value.
Nidhi Shah Managing Director Voxeljet India Nidhi Shah (born in 1981) joined voxeljet as Managing Director of voxeljet India Pvt. Ltd. in 2015. Prior to joining the management team, she has played a significant role in improving and expanding the visibility for voxeljet in India and driving its development and sales activities. Nidhi Shah has over a decade of experience in the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technology. She was at the helm of Imaginarium, one of India’s largest Additive Manufacturing service bureaus. During her tenure at Imaginarium, she extended her knowledge in various 3D Printing technologies like SLA, SLS, MJM, DLP and Vacuum Casting as well as their applications. Nidhi Shah earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics degree from Pune University.
Dheepa Srinivasan Principal Engineer, General Electric Dheepa Srinivasan is a Principal Engineer at General Electric, Bangalore. She has been a practicing engineer in the area of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in GE for over 17 years, where she has been leading the research and development of various high temperature materials and manufacturing technologies for making aircraft engines to enable planes fly faster and power generation gas turbines more efficient.

Dheepa has a PhD, in Metallurgical Engineering, from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. She is also a visiting faculty giving guest lectures at IISc, IIT's, VIT, SASTRA and NIT's, in a bid to impart an industrial edge to engineering education and enthuse interest amongst students to embark on research in core engineering disciplines, with an emphasis to try and motivate and empower girls to take up careers in engineering and science.

Dheepa is the recipient of the Indian National Academy of Engineering “Best PhD thesis award” as well as the Best PhD thesis award from the Indian Institute of Science, Materials Engineering Department (2000) and has been the recipient of the several Global Engineering Excellence awards in GE. She is the inventor of several new technologies, co-author of a book and has developed more than 50 technologies / process applications that are now running in several engines. More recently she is a pioneer in the area of metal 3D printing or Additive manufacturing and is a big promoter of the “Make in India for the globe” philosophy and travels extensively to enable implementation of new technologies to manufacturing locations all around the globe, via indigenous R and D, in trying to enable a more sustainable solution for the future generations.
Additive Manufacturing case studies in Gas Turbine Components – from concept to Industrialization